The Follow/Unfollow Method

There are different ways you can get more followers on Instagram, but not all of them are good for your online reputation and long-term Instagram success. The only way to affordably generate fast and authentic growth is by implementing the “Follow/Unfollow Method” in conjunction with your current social media marketing strategy.

The Follow/Unfollow Method is a social media growth strategy that involves following accounts, waiting for a period of time (usually between 3 to 7 days) and then unfollowing some or most of those accounts. The goal of this method is to increase one's follower-to-following ratio. It works due to the fact that accounts that have been unfollowed after a delayed period of time will typically not reciprocally unfollow, thereby increasing one's follower-to-following ratio.

It gets a lot of bad press, but we’ll explain why it’s the best way to tap into your target market, especially when you’re just starting off.

First thing’s first. Before you start using the Follow/Unfollow Method to get more Instagram followers, you need to have good content to post. The likelihood of receiving a follow-back is far higher if you have high-quality content that interests your target followers. When creating content, there are three things to consider:

How to Create Good Content

  1. Create for your Niche - Focus your efforts on followers that are associated with what or whom you’re trying to promote. You’re more likely to get a “follow-back” if your content is relevant to your follower. You should include up to 30 researched hashtags to reach your target audience.
  1.  Stick to a Posting Schedule - There are strategic times you should post content to your Instagram profile to maximize visibility and engagement. You should manage your posting schedule routinely to keep your posts consistently timed, so your content shows up when people are scrolling. Don’t forget to post Instagram stories as well.
  1.  Remember Quality - You need to have professional-level content if you want to succeed in today’s Instagram marketing world. There are lots of ways you can improve your content and make it more likely to get on Instagram’s Explore Page. Instagram utilizes big data and search optimization so that your content can be seen by millions.

When using the Follow/Unfollow Method, who you follow matters more than how much you follow. If you’re running a fitness page, you don’t want to follow accounts related to cosmetics or snack foods. That’s why you have to choose where to source your followers. What that means is targeting an aggregation of accounts that have an adjacent ‘follow’ button for each account. This is most commonly found by clicking on an account’s followers from their Instagram profile. There are other places to find this aggregation, like when you click to view a post’s likes or through hashtags/geotags. Now that you know how to find the following aggregation, you have to find follower sources that meet a certain criteria.

How to Source Followers:

  1.  Size of Account - Following big Instagram accounts (accounts with more than 500k followers) is not as effective as following accounts with between 50k - 250k followers. Big accounts tend to have a low follower quality, due to its un-targeted nature and the greater possibility of spam/fake followers. Trust us on this: keep it niche.
  1. Engagement Rate - Finding a follower account with strong engagement is key. If your target followers are engaging with content that is similar (in essence) to yours, then they are more likely to engage with your content as well. What’s a big following worth if it has zero engagement? Not much. Strong engagement also helps to determine if an account’s followers are real. If an account with 50k followers is only getting 100 likes per post, you can tell that something is fishy. You can investigate an account’s follower authenticity using fake follower detection software, or simply scroll through the questionable account’s follower list and see if there are a large proportion of accounts with no profile picture, no posts, high following, and low followers.
  1. Interest/Demographic - Finally, there is interest and demographic targeting. This is where you can get creative. When searching for a follower source, you must have a clear idea of the type of follower/customer you want to target, then you need to find those types of followers by examining Instagram accounts, hashtags, and geotags. If you have a beauty brand, for example, with a target demographic of females between 18 and 24 years of age, then search for beauty micro-influencers with a large 18-to-24 female fanbase. Or, if you’re selling real estate, find hashtags that relate to buying and selling real estate within your area.

How to Follow/Unfollow

As you’ve probably guessed, the Follow/Unfollow Method is a pretty simple three step process:

  1. Following - Once you find a few follower sources, you can manually follow accounts one-by-one using the account aggregation page or you can run a software bot, like Instazoid or Boostio, that does it for you automatically.
  2. Waiting - Now, you wait for an appropriate amount of time (typically between 3 to 7 days). You need to give the accounts you followed a chance to follow you back.
  3. Unfollowing - Choose the accounts you want to unfollow based on your criteria (follower-to-following ratio, content, niche) and unfollow them. This can be done manually or using software. Remember: don’t look back. We understand. Breaking up is hard. Keep in mind: around 20%-35% of the people you follow will follow you back and most of these accounts already have thousands of followers. Some are businesses, some are individuals, and lots are using the automated follow/unfollow method to grow their accounts, too.

A word of caution: the Follow/Unfollow Method is not as simple as it seems. Instagram spends millions continuously  updating and improving their user experience, and spam-like behavior (following, unfollowing, and engaging automatically on a massive scale) is viewed as a risk to the user experience. In fact, this behavior is explicitly prohibited in Instagram’s Terms of Use.

Instagram has even gone so far as to shut down bot companies like Instagress and MassPlanner. They’ve also placed limitations on the amount of actions an account can make on Instagram per day. This number is different for each account based on several factors, including age of account, historical activity levels, number of followers, and other variables.

If you follow too many people too quickly, or exceed your daily action limits, you risk getting suspended or banned. If you don’t follow enough, then you won’t grow. This is why it’s easier to leave it to a professional growth service like Social Influence.

Why Social Influence?

If you want to promote your brand or product to millions, you need to reach millions. That’s an awful lot of work to do on your own. If you’re serious about using Instagram to make a profit, then you need a way to get more followers that’s proven.

Instagram has spam filters that prevent you from following more than 7500 accounts or going over 20 follows per hour. If you’ve had an Instagram account for several years, that number increases to 50 follows per hour. According to the Instagram Terms of Use: “You must not create accounts with service through unauthorized means, including but not limited to, by using an automated device, script, bot, spider, crawler or scraper.”

Social Influence keeps all of Instagram’s Terms of Use in mind when growing your account and getting you more followers. We avoid action blocks, shadow bans, and bans on your accounts by avoiding detection by Instagram’s spam filters. We make sure to always use an individual IP address for each client, never spam comments, and never buy fake followers or likes. We know your account means everything to you, and that’s why we treat it like our own. We maintain your security and safety at all times while ensuring you get as many followers as possible.

The growth you experience with Social Influence is real. The followers you get are choosing to follow you based on the content and engagement you put out there. In the hyper-competitive world of Instagram marketing, your follower count matters more than ever. We help you get the most from your account and turn your page to profit.

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